A man has been arrested after he was caught stealing copper pipes and wiring from the site of Apple's upcoming spaceship campus.

Glenn Cartwright, a 56-year-old man from Belmont, snuck onto Apple's property at 9.30pm to steal metal from the construction site. Apple security noticed that a gate was open in part of a site that had been checked two hours before, which led them to believe that the perpetrator was still within the premises.

The authorities sent a helicopter and Santa Clara's K-9 unit to search Apple's property, and one of the police dogs was successful in finding Cartwright hiding in some bushes. After refusing to comply with orders from the Sheriff's deputies, the dog was released to bite Cartwright before he was arrested.

Cartwright was taken to jail following his arrest, but was later released on $11,000 bail.

Apple's spaceship campus, set to be completed in 2016, will house 13,000 employees and span 2.8 million-square-foot on the former Hewlett Packard campus.

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[Via CBS San Francisco]