Behind every good Steve Jobs keynote presentation (since 1998) was one man, Wayne Goodrich, and despite being promised a “job for life” by Apple’s late CEO, Goodrich was fired by the company last December, months after Jobs passed away.

Goodrich is now suing Apple, claiming that the company fired him to avoid paying him restricted stock benefits that would let him buy shares worth around $600 for $97 each.

Apple is said to have told Goodrich, who had worked for Jobs since 1998, that he was being fired for “business reasons”.

Goodrich also claims he was promised a “job for life” by Jobs. Unfortunately it appears that no documentation exists to support this claim. According to the complaint, in 2010, on returning from medical leave, Jobs told Goodrich that he would be given another job at Apple if Jobs wasn’t around, according to Business Week’s report.  

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