iPod peripheral manufacturers are eyeing up a newly emerging market. 31 per cent of children have MP3 players - and half of those are iPods, a report claims.

According to a report on AdAge, the market for child-focused media content for MP3 players across the board - including for the iPod - is exploding, and accessory makers can't be too far behind in considering this emerging market.

The report explains 31 per cent of children aged six to 10 now use digital music players, with iPod as the brand of choice for 54 per cent of them, mostly the iPod nano.

Many iPods are handed down to the children by parents, or by teenagers to younger siblings. Falling MP3 player prices and the arrival of huge collections of child-focused content are driving the emergence of the new digital tots market.

Children's media collections on average include 125 songs, 10 TV shows and 15 movies, the report says.

"iPod has done a good job of not kid-ifying the market," said C&R Research analyst Paul Metz. "Kids clamour for them because they make them feel cool and grown-up"