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Apple will be giving away free apps, music, movies and more in the 12 Days of Christmas/12 Days of Gifts promotion

Which gift should I get an Apple fan is a question often asked. Of course, it depends on the type of Apple fan. if they're a person with a busy life then these Christmas gift ideas for busy Apple fans will give you some great ideas. 

iPad mini with Retina display

Wi-Fi £319 to £559; Wi-Fi and Cellular £419 to £659

The iPad mini seemed like the perfect companion when it came out last year. The smaller form factor makes it easier to carry around than the full-size version, and it fits into a dinky bag so you don’t need to carry a laptop bag. This makes it the go-to iPad for carrying around and mobile working. With the cellular connection it’s also a great internet enabled device, better than the iPhone when out and about, but less ostentatious than the iPad. The only thing it could have possibly been better for is when reading iBooks. The Retina Display on the second-generation iPad mini makes all that difference. The greatest gift any mobile Apple-fan could ask for.

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iPhone 5c

16GB, £469; 32GB, £549

Apple’s new iPhone 5c comes in five bright colours, so you can choose which suits this gift’s recipient best: blue, pink, green, yellow or white. It has an A6 chip – the same as the iPhone 5 – and also features an impressive 8MP rear-facing iSight camera. With elements of iOS 7 built with the iPhone 5c in mind, it looks and feels great to use, and it’s a little cheaper than Apple’s flagship model – the iPhone 5s. It's also a little sturdier and more colourful, so it's great for those with hectic lives.

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Every so often an idea comes along that’s just brilliant, and the Autographer is one such idea. It’s a high tech camera that you wear around your neck. The device packs five sensors that monitor motion, acceleration, changes in colour and light, temperature and direction, and uses these to decide when best to take a photo. The idea is you wear it when out and about, and it detects when to take a shot. So instead of having to line up for a photo, you just wander around a tourist hotspot and it snaps away for you. The most fun a mobile Apple fan can have.

Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard for iPad Air


The iPad has quietly been making itself a MacBook replacement for a year or so now. It’s lighter and has 3G, so couple it with a keyboard and it makes more sense than a MacBook for writing articles, managing spreadsheets and designing presentations. The iPad Air pushes this trend even further with its even faster processor. If you want to take the iPad seriously then you need to attach a keyboard to it, and Logitech makes the best selection on the market. The FabricSkin Keyboard for iPad Air is the pick of the bunch. Just the thing for a busy new year.

Elgato EyeTV W


Elgato’s Live TV W is a cracking invention that scans digital TV and broadcasts it over a custom Wi-Fi network. You can then tune in to live television on your iPad or iPhone. You don’t need to use a data connection, so it’ll work out in the wilds, too. You tune into the device using the Settings, then launch the EyeTV W app to start watching live television.

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