Apple's iPhone is ready for business, at least according to one enterprise application developer.

Developer of Daylite and Billings software, Marketcircle CEO Alykhan Jetha last night released a statement, disputing recent claims by Microsoft that Apple's soon-to-ship iPhone is no good for business.

Microsoft believes Apple's product isn't fit for business because the product doesn't run enterprise applications created by Microsoft.

Jetha disagrees. He thinks iPhone is "perfect", at least for small businesses. And he slams Microsoft for its attempt to dismiss iPhone, saying the company is engaged in a deliberate campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to resist Apple's product.

He writes: "The one thing Microsoft seems to forget is that the iPhone has the multi-tasking Mac OS X at its core. Mac OS X already trumps Microsoft's desktop OS, never mind its mobile OS. You can already read MS Word documents with Mac OS X out of the box using TextEdit. As a developer, I can tell you the .doc reading capabilities are right in Cocoa. You can open PowerPoint documents in Keynote and I'm sure Apple has something up its sleeve for Excel."

Jetha continues to deliver a technical case for why and how Apple's iPhone can support business users, and in particular small business users, and concludes as follows.

"Microsoft must be worried about Apple delivering a better OS on a device than it can on a desktop, otherwise why bother with all the fear, uncertainty and doubt?"