Martin Scorsese is the latest of a celebrity line up to feature in Apple adverts featuring the iPhone 4S and Siri.

Recent adverts have included Siri helping Samuel L. Jackson to cook, reminding Zooey Deschanel to clean up and telling a joke to John Malkovich.

The latest 30 second clip, below, sees director Scorsese travelling through Manhattan, New York, using Siri to reschedule his day, locate a friend and redirect his cab driver to a faster route downtown.


Apple rarely use celebrities in its advertising campaigns but the latest videos are proving popular with over 15,000 likes in total on Apple's YouTube channel.

Apple has come under fire for promoting Siri in its advertising campaign, with some people sueing Apple, claiming that the service doesn't work as advertised. Siri is in beta, the software learns from use, and therefore some argue that it was necessary to launch it before it was perfectly accurate. 

Via MacRumors. 


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