Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laughed at Apple's iPhone during a TV interview the other day — and the clip is now available to see on YouTube.

Ballmer was speaking with CNBC. After laughing at the iPhone, Microsoft's developer-loving head honcho claimed his company took "20-25 per cent of the high-end music player market" with its Zune music player.

"I don't know," begins the head of one of the world's largest global companies, "but I think most estimates would say we took about 20-25 per cent of the high end of the market. We weren't down at some of the lower price points, but for devices $249 and over we took, you know, let's say about 20 per cent of the market."

Ballmer concedes Apple to be in the dominant position, but warns his firm will be doing all it can to take Apple on.

Discussing the iPhone, Ballmer berated its lack of physical keyboard.

Check out Redmond's charming CEO's comments here.