Just days after it was purchased in a management buy out by the HDMI Group, Miglia has announced plans to produce its own TV software for its hardware encoders TVMax+, TVMax and Evolution TV.

MigliaTV software apparently provides a simple user interface with features including a toolbar in the scheduled recording window and icons allowing access to the 'Add to iTunes', 'Burn to DVD', 'Show in Finder' and 'Play' functions.

MigliaTV software includes support for image cropping on live recordings for MPEG-4 and DivX formats.

The software is available for TVMax+, TVMax and EvolutionTV as a free download from Miglia.

Installing the software will remove earlier TVMax+ and EvolutionTV installations, but recordings, schedules and channel lineups will be kept.

Earlier this month, Miglia was taken over in a management buy-out by the HDMI Group. Miglia continues shipping its products with Equinux Software's Tube software, following a bust-up with previous software supplier, Elgato.