Miglia Technology today introduced TVMax+, describing the system as a content collection hub for iPods, the Apple TV and Macs.

The device is built to stack with a Mac mini, AirPort Extreme or Apple TV. The company says the device allows users to watch their choice of TV shows on any screen in the house. It's a little like a Sky+ box, without the subscription.

TVMax+ also houses a digital TV tuner, so users can watch, pause and record TV shows at will. The system can also be used as a solution for digitising VHS tapes.

The company's chief technology officer, Eric Ferraz, explains: “In tests TVMax+ was used to capture a short 30 minute clip of our favourite TV show and was set to put that clip onto an iPod video, the whole process took 31.5 minutes and we were watching the finished result [at 640 x 480]."

The system's features include: real-time MPEG-4 capture; the capacity to record and export content automatically to an Apple TV or iPod (using iTunes); VHS to DVD conversion; an electronic programming guide; and an analogue TV receiver for cable TV.

Connectivity includes USB 2.0, both digital and analogue TV tuners, PAL/NTSC/SECAM resolution, and support for MPEG-2, iMovie-ready MPEG-4 and DivX video standards.

The Mac-only system ships with a two-year warranty and costs £149.