Apple has endured some mixed fortunes in its various patent disputes taking place around the world in the past week. 

In Italy, rival Samsung failed to secure a ban on sales of the iPhone 4S, according to the country's biggest news agency ANSA

Judge Marina Tavassi of the Tribunale di Milano rejected Samsung's application for the ban and the company is said to be very disappointed with the news. The failure of the action follows similar rulings in French and Dutch courts. 

"Neither Samsung nor Apple has struck a meaningful victory for `the fight in preliminary injunctions.’ Both Samsung and Apple just took some strategies from either side. Basically, the firm has wasted time and energy," a Samsung spokesman told the Korea Times.

Samsung is still attempting to get similar bans put in place in Japan and Australia. Samsung's actions have been seen as retaliation for a number of legal actions Apple has brought against Samsung, claiming that the Korean company had infringed on its tablet PC and smartphone patents.

Apple vs Samsung in 2011

Meanwhile, Apple was given a dressing down by a judge in the US for "disingenuous" arguments in its patent dispute with Google-owned Motorola, according to patent dispute expert Florian Mueller on his FOSS Patents blog.

Chief Judge Gregory M Sleet of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware said that Apple's application to have the case heard elsewhere was "less than forthright".

Apple wanted to the case to be heard outside of Delaware after claiming that the state was a "forum non conveniens". Apple has in the past brought a number of patent lawsuits in Delaware, so to claim that Delaware was now an inconvenient location for this particular case was "disingenuous", Judge Sleet said.