Ofcom has announced more plans to speed up the roll out of 4G in the UK.

The regulator, together with the government and major mobile operators, has made more steps to bring 4G to the UK faster. This primarily involves the creation of a jointly controlled company called Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited, formally MitCo.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom said: "This is further evidence of the progress that is being made by the industry, guided by Ofcom, to deliver 4G mobile services across the UK. The 4G auction is already on track to begin at the end of the year and the creation of Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited ahead of time represents yet another step towards bringing consumers early access to the next generation of mobile broadband services."

This company is formed of EE, O2, Three and Vodafone and will "further accelerate the rollout of competitive 4G services next year" according to Ofcom. It will be funded by the successful bidders of the 800MHz spectrum in the upcoming auction.

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The new company will be responsible for ensuring consumers continue to get good Freeview TV signals once the 800MHz spectrum is used for 4G services. Ofcom said other 4G frequencies don't require the same measures.

EE, formally Everything Everywhere, will still launch its 4G network to the public on 30 October. It will be the only 4G provider until others arrive next year.

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