UK customers wishing to buy the iPad 2 on 25 March should prepare for disappointment after further doubts about stock levels were expressed.

Analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities expressed doubts about iPad 2 inventory in a note to investors issued yesterday, reports Apple Insider.

White said that new shipments of the device received by stores in the US on Tuesday morning sold out quickly. Not all Apple Stores received new stock and those that did didn't receive nearly as many units as they had prior to Friday's launch.

"In New York City, three of the four stores already sold out of the iPad 2 in the first couple of hours this morning, and tickets were handed out at the flagship store to help people avoid waiting in line unnecessarily," White's note read.

"Additionally, the flagship San Francisco store opened an hour early and was also handing out tickets to a line of well over 400 people. Those at the end of this line were told the likelihood of getting an iPad 2 this morning were slim," it continued.

Earlier this week Macworld reported that waiting times for online orders of the iPad 2 had been pushed back twice since the US launch, raising questions about whether Apple would postpone the international launch of the device to meet demand in the US.

It is a tactic Apple has employed before - the international launch of the iPad was delayed last year after higher-than-expected demand in the US.

One nation that definitely won't be getting the iPad 2 on 25 March is Japan , with an Apple spokeswoman confirming: "We are delaying the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan while the country and our teams focus on recovering from the recent disaster."