With perfect timing Shazam, billed as the world's leading mobile discovery application, have released their official Top Ten Beatles songs tagged on Shazam.

A mix of early, middle and late period Beatles the Top Ten includes.  
1. Come Together
2. Let It Be
3. Twist And Shout
4. Hey Jude
5. Here Comes The Sun
6. A Day In The Life
7. Get Back
8. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
9. Yesterday
10. Eleanor Rigby

Shazam notes: "Talk of the deal has been ongoing for years, which was originally stalled due to a long standing legal battle between Apple and The Beatles' label, Apple Corps. After the case was settled in 2007, many expected to see the band's catalogue quickly added to the iTunes store."

"However negotiations continued between Apple and The Beatles current label EMI which have finally reached the outcome fans of the world's biggest band have been waiting for."

All 13 original Beatles albums, various compilations and a bumper box set are now available to download from iTunes.

The Beatles

Shazam is available as a free app for iPhone and iPod touch, with a five tag per month limit.  Shazam premium versions, Shazam Encore and Shazam (Product) RED™ Special Edition App, cost £2.99 each from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Shazam is currently running a free Take That 'Golden Tag' promotion, with a chance to meet the reformed band. The promotion runs until 21 November 2010 and is open to registered Shazam users on iPhone and iPod touch, who are UK residents over the age of 18 years.  No purchase is necessary to be entered into the promotion.

Full details can be found here.