The full one-minute ad for Motorola's tablet aired at the Super Bowl this weekend after a teaser campaign poking fun at Apple customers.

A clear send-up of the Apple 1984 advert, Motorola's ad portrayed Apple customers as sinister, emotionless clones wearing white hooded capes.

Previously, Motorola had released several teaser ads for the full Super Bowl version, which featured several pointed references to Apple's classic ad.

Google Android 3.0 and Motorola Xoom: Hands-on

A man, using Motorola's Xoom, reads George Orwell's 1984 on the platform of a train station, surrounded by the clones. He is then seen in an office using his Xoom with his feet propped up on his desk while the clones go about their work. Finally, he uses his Xoom to show an animation of two stick figures, one offering the other a bunch of flowers to a female clone, who responds by removing her white earphones.

There is little in the ad that shows off any specific features of the Xoom, other than e-reader and mapping functions. Called 'Empower the People', the ad finishes with an image of a Xoom displaying the words: "The tablet to create a better world."

"The Super Bowl offers a special opportunity to connect a broader consumer audience to our new company, brand and devices as the most watched and celebrated sporting event of the year," said Bill Ogle, chief marketing officer of Motorola Mobility.

"Our new ad featuring Motorola Xoom demonstrates how people have more options to connect with each other, in a very personal way, through technology," he continued.

The Xoom is expected to launch in mid-February, in the US at least. The ad, which can now be seen on YouTube, has divided opinion among viewers.

"This ad would haven't existed without Apple, or without the iPad. It's entirely derivative," one wrote.

Others were more impressed. "The commercial is a masterstroke regardless of whether or not the tablet holds up to its promise. Shame folks won't get the full effect unless they look up the original, or were around when it aired," another viewer wrote.