Laplink Software, billed as a leader in PC migration software, has announced the release of Switch & Sync, a way to move from a PC to a Mac.

Switch & Sync promises to make moving to a Mac or synchronising folders between a PC and a Mac a lot simpler. It copies all selected files and folders from a PC to a Mac, even automatically converting email, contacts and calendars from their PC format for use on a Mac with programs such as Apple Mail and Entourage.

The makers claim the Outlook conversion feature - compatible with Outlook 2000 or later, Windows Mail and Outlook Express 6 or later -  is unique to Switch & Sync, saving users a significant amount of time and hassle transferring data manually.

"Customers have been asking us for a PCmover-type solution for Macs," insisted Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll. "Laplink made PC to PC migration fast and easy and now we’ve done the same thing for PC to Mac migration."

According to Laplink, PCmover is the number 1 best-selling migration solution in the world and is the only software that moves programs, files and settings from an old PC to a new one.

Switch & Sync copies all of the files and folders the user selects - including documents, music and pictures - from a PC to a Mac. It can then be used to keep all of the files and folders up-to-date between the PC and Mac with automated synchronisation and Laplink’s patented SpeedSync technology. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of each machine insists Laplink.

Switch & Sync

SpeedSync dramatically reduces the transfer times of modified data by only syncing the portions of files that have been changed. This allows for the fastest possible synchronisations, which keeps users from having to wait long periods of time for files to transfer between two computers.

Switch & Sync also takes advantage of SmartXChange, which is designed to recognise when files have been deleted, renamed or replaced; streamlining the entire process. "Moving from a PC to a Mac has not been a simple process – until now," adds Koll.

"Laplink Switch & Sync offers the fastest file transfer and synchronisation possible, which is why it is the ideal solution for both switching from a PC to a Mac as well as keeping PCs and Macs in sync."

Other Switch & Sync features include a user-friendly interface for copying and moving data quickly and easily, automated file synchronisation and  Laplink’s "classic"dual-pane window, which allows users to drag and drop files between the two computers.

Laplink Switch & Sync has a SRP £29.99 including VAT and is available from although the online store currently list the software at £21.62.