Mozilla’s Firefox has so far been absent from Apple’s iTunes Store, but last week the company revealed that it is planning to bring a simplified version of its web browser to the iPad.

The Verge reports that, during a presentation from the company’s Production Design Strategy team on Thursday, Alex Limi revealed that Mozilla had been working on a prototype iPad browser for several months.

“We wanted to make something entirely new. We wanted to look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor,” said Limi, who described Safari for iPad as a “miserable experience,” despite recognising that it is the best tablet-based browsing option available. “There are a lot of reasons we should be on iOS even though we can’t bring our rendering engine there,” Limi concluded.

Now, though, Mozilla has come up with Junior, a full-screen browser with no tabs. Instead of an address bar and tabs at the top of the app, Junior had two buttons on either side of the window, a back button, and a plus button that presents bookmarks, recent pages, and a search bar.

These two buttons can be expanded to reveal a total of six operations that have not yet been finalised, but are likely to include reload, forward and print. Junior will also allow separate, password protected user accounts for the browser, says Mozilla.

There isn’t a release date at the moment, and The Verge advises not to expect Junior to arrive in the immediate future.

Mozilla’s Alex Limi also revealed that he ‘strongly believes’ Google is working on Chrome for iOS, which could arrive “soon”.