Mozilla and eBay have introduced the final version of the Firefox Companion for eBay following extensive public testing.

The add-on lets eBay users in the UK, France and Germany use a customised web browsing solution that allows them stay connected to their trading, watch items, bid, receive alerts and search in real-time.

The Firefox Companion for eBay includes:

- The eBay Sideba: this offers access to and real-time updates on items you have bid on, you are selling or watching;

- Status alerts provide the user with important trading updates, such as when they have been outbid on an item;

- Integrated eBay search lets user find, bid and sell items;

- eBay's Account Guard integration for eBay and PayPal sites and Firefox's built-in anti-phishing protection.

"Mozilla is continuously striving to make the web experience a better one and we are confident that the launch of the Firefox Companion for eBay will help in doing this,” said Christopher Beard, vice president, products and marketing, Mozilla.