Mozilla bosses have revealed details of the next generation Firefox 3 browser that has been two years in development.

Mike Schroepfer, vice president of engineering at Mozilla, told the browser will have a completely redesigned graphics engine capable of handling much more intricate images, improving image scaling and letting users zoom in and out on the page.

A new way of storing and viewing favourite bookmarks is also planned. "When you think about it bookmarks have not changed for 10 years. There are better ways to organise the plethora of web pages people view today," said Schroepfer.

Firefox 3 will include an embedded database of web history and bookmarks called SQL Lite, which will allow for embedded tagging and a frequently used pages toolbar at the top of the browser.

The Mozilla team is also working on software to let users access online applications offline, so that they can then be uploaded when the browser is reconnected to the internet.

Firefox 3 could be ready for a late 2007 release although Mozilla didn’t want to set a shipping date. "We do not want to ship crap on time. We want to ship good software when it is ready to be shipped," added Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe.