Mozilla has made the third beta of its Firefox 4 available to the public.

The latest version of the web browser now comes with support for multi-touch, as well as new Java Script values, which will ensure graphics appear smooth and streamlined.

"Over the next two planned beta releases we expect to add more web-developer and user-facing features to Firefox 4, at which point we'll hit what we call 'feature freeze'," said Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, in a blog.

"We've been keeping close to our scheduled cadence of a beta release every two weeks, and putting our changes in front of users early and often has yielded – as we'd hoped – fantastic feedback."

The latest version of Firefox has a new interface, taking cues from Google Chrome and other browsers by placing the tabs on top by default and hiding the menu bar, as well as some crash protection features, bolstered HTML5 support and full WebGL and WebM video format support.

The third beta of Mozilla Firefox 4 can be downloaded from the developer's dedicated web page.