Apple's iPod dominates US teens and their digital music dreams, according to Piper Jaffray.

Analyst Gene Munster asked 985 US high school teenagers about their technology and gadget habits.

He found that 79 per cent of teens who own an MP3 player actually possess an iPod, while three quarters of those who expect to get a music player in the next 12 months will actually choose an iPod.

Three quarters of the sample group would consider buying an iPod-mobile phone hybrid.

iTunes is also faring well: while many students use file-sharing networks, 91 per cent of students who actually buy music online opt to shop at the iTunes Store. Napster took a distant second place, with 3 per cent.

"Apple continues to dominate the MP3 player and online music markets, despite new competitors constantly entering the market. We believe that winning over the teen demographic is critical to continued long-term growth and Apple is clearly in the lead in this market segment, Munster added.