Apple has released a new iPod game through iTunes - addictive interactive visualisation title, musika.

While a track is playing, musika creates attractive visualisations on the iPod's screen featuring letters that swirl around - if a player sees a letter that's in the song title, they hit the Click Wheel to earn points.

The game was created by legendary Japanese developer Masaya Matsuura, developer of the Parappa The Rapper title.

iTunes explains: "Musika is a groundbreaking music visualizer game for your iPod that taps into your song library to create original game play. Characters appear on screen with a wide variety of visual effects. If you see a character that's in the song title, hit the centre button. Faster reactions will earn you more points and special icons can be hit for bonus effects. A higher score means you move onto higher levels, which feature brand-new special effects."

The game is being published by Sony BMG who are making it available through iTunes. Musika costs £3.99.