People who have to take medication on a regular basis can get a little help from technology on show at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

These networked pill bottles called Vitality Glow Caps alert the user when a medication needs to be taken.

Scott Vanags, Emerging devices, AT&T: “What it is is a system with a home hub that would plug in to an outlet in your wall along with a connected pill cap.

“So the way they’ll work together is the hub has wireless wide area network built into it and it gives us the ability over AT&Ts network to talk to the cloud. And then it also has a pill cap with it that uses a proprietary short range wireless connectivity so that the pill cap can talk to the home hub.”

There are different alert levels that can be set. For example first the pill bottle will light up, then it could beep and finally it could send a text message to a caregiver or place a phone call to a doctor.

There’s also a mobile app to monitor the pills taken, but right now the system only supports one pill cap. The unit is on sale in the US now for $99 and includes a receiver, pill cap and 6 months of service. After that monthly service costs $15.