Nvidia showed for the first time on Wednesday a new quad core mobile processor codenamed Kal-El. The company had one device running multiple web searches with the clock speed displayed as well as a tablet running an Xbox360 game.

Ujesh Desai, VP, Product Marketing, Nvidia: "So it’s a quad core processor, mobile processor. It’s also got a brand new GForce, 12 core GForce GPU in it. Performance wise it’s going to be roughly 5x the performance of Tegra 2.

"We’re sampling to customers already and we’re working with them to have tablets in the market this August and we’re shootin to have a superphone in the market by Christmas this year."

Nvidia wouldn’t say what companies they’re working with, but tablets have been big news at Mobile World Congress with Samsung, HTC, LG and others debuting new models.

During the Google keynote a tablet was shown editing video, typically a task reserved for powerful desktops and laptops. So as mobile processing power increases, smartphones and tablets continue to get smaller and faster.