Electric car pioneer ZAP will be designing its cars to play and recharge the iPod and will preview the concept at the Macworld Expo next week.

ZAP is previewing a made for iPod electric car as well as introducing its iZAP rechargeable battery technology for the iPod at the show. The company will in future design its vehicles to include a head unit made for the iPod. The first cars equipped with this technology would be available later in 2008.

"Apple is making some of the most popular consumer products on the market today," said ZAP CEO Steve Schneider. "A ZAP electric car made for iPod joins an important trend happening throughout the automotive industry to give car-buyers more amenities.

ZAP will also introduce its iZAP mobile re-chargers that are made for iPod at Macworld. The iZAP uses advanced lithium battery storage and charge control technology to power or boost the battery life of the iPod.

Recently, ZAP tested a set of lithium-ion batteries with an advanced battery management system in a Xebra truck, which went 152 miles on a single charge.

ZAP is currently marketing the Xebra electric city car and truck worldwide, a 40MPH vehicle designed for commuting, and is developing a range of vehicles capable of safe motorway driving also.