A US lawsuit 'respectfully demands that Apple sell its products on safe mode', with anti-porn filters set as the default.

A Nashville man has brought a lawsuit against Apple, blaming it for the fact that he was able to view pornographic content on an Apple device using the Safari browser. He further alleges that this initial exposure led to a crippling porn addiction and ended his marriage.

Apple pornography lawsuit

Tennessee lawyer Chris Sevier, Above The Law reports, has filed a bizarre, typo-riddled 50-page complaint that demands that Apple protect him (and all other American men) from the dangers of pornography, or be taken to court. "If Apple agrees to sell its devices 'on safe mode' before trial, the Plaintiff will terminate this litigation," the filing states.

Sevier wants Apple to install porn filters on all of its devices, thus preventing users from 'accidentally' viewing explicit content online. If an Apple fan wants to view pornography, under Sevier's scheme, they would have to contact Apple and request a password to unlock unfiltered content. (This would only be provided if the owner was over 18.)

Apple lawsuit

The lengthy complaint cites numerous benefits of the plan, from improving society's outlook on sexual relationships to setting an example "for device makers all over the world". Somewhat ambitiously, Sevier also attempts to blame the sex trafficking of American girls travelling abroad on the availability of internet pornography, and even argues that reducing the supply of pornography would help adult content providers to raise their prices and improve profits.

Some may disagree with the plan, but if you do, you're only playing into Sevier's hands.

"For anyone to suggest that the policy proposed by the Plaintiff is unnecessary or unreasonable would be a demonstration of the very arrogance itself which proves the necessity for safeguards to protect our hearts in the first place," he writes. "The human heart is what is at stake."

(It's hard not to find this stuff funny. Just bear in mind that Sevier may be struggling with more than porn addiction. At the end of 2011 he was prevented from practising law any longer, on the basis of suffering from "mental infirmity or illness", and last month he was arrested for stalking a musician.)

Apple, admittedly, values its reputation as a 'family values' company highly: it strictly polices the content that appears on the App Store, weeding out a lot of sexually explicit content. But filtering the internet itself is probably not Apple's job.


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