Native Union, the company behind the Moshi Moshi range of mobile phone enhancing handsets, has introduced the second iteration of the MM03, a Bluetooth enabled handset.

The handset now comes with an integrated charging and sync cradle dedicated to the iPhone – the MM03i. Designed by award-winning designer David Turpin, the MM03i is pitched as a slimline, stylish, sophisticated handset specifically for iPhone users.
Available as a set, including handset and weighted base unit with iPhone charge and synch functionality, the MM03i comes in either in white or black high gloss to match the iPhone.

Fitted with a advanced Bluetooth 2.1 chipset, the handset has a dual pairing function that will automatically pair with both the computer and the mobile phone. Skype calls and mobile calls are possible with the same handset.

The 2.1 Bluetooth wireless chip also makes pairing very easy insists Native Union, when devices are in range of the MM03i, so no fiddly pairing procedure is required.
Additionally, the company insists the MM03i delivers a compelling health benefit to consumers when used as a telephone handset by dramatically reducing exposure to the radiation emitted by mobile devices, linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Moshi Moshi MM03i

"Medical research indicates that heavy, direct-to-ear mobile phone usage can potentially cause health damage and Native Union has addressed these concerns, by reducing mobile phone radiation from mobile phones through the use of its speakers and handsets," Native Union claims.

"Independent testing by TUV, the world’s leading certification company, found that the Moshi Moshi 03 reduces radiation by 97 per cent."

The Moshi Moshi MM03i is compatible with all iPhones including the latest iPhone 4, and can also pair with most other mobile phones and PCs with Bluetooth compatibility.

The Moshi Moshi MM03i has a SRP of £115 including VAT and is available now from