The Navv satellite navigation app has been voluntarily removed from the iTunes App Store while the company that created it and Apple settle a trademark dispute.

Described as "a functional turn-by-turn navigation application committed to delivering fast, efficient capabilities to its customers in an easy-to-use suite of product offerings", Navv was removed from the App Store at the end of March due to a dispute over the name of the company.

The company refers to itself as both 'App Stores BV' and 'Appstores BV' on its website and the Navv app was only available on the iOS platform before it was removed. It offered maps covering 40 countries that sold for between £6.99 and £22.99 depending on the country.

"The company providing NAVV applications to you, 'App Stores BV', is currently experiencing trademark difficulties concerning its registered name. App Stores BV’s registration under the laws of The Netherlands does not violate any laws; the interference of the difference between USA law systems results the current situation," the company said in a statement.

"In order to avoid possible violations, 'App Stores BV' is taking the necessary steps to rectify the situation. Accordingly, all NAVV applications will cease to be sold while these issues are addressed. We expect NAVV applications back on sale shortly and kindly ask for your patience until then," the statement continues.

Last month it emerged that Apple was taking Amazon to court over the latter's use of the name Appstore for its app download service for Android OS.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is disputing Apple's trademark of the term 'App Store', saying that the term is too generic trademark. Apple, firing back at Microsoft, questioned the Redmond company's attitude to the word 'windows'.

Other brands that have used the 'app store' name have come under fire from Apple too - for example adult website MiKandi, who received a cease-and-desist order from Apple in March, Geekwire reports.