NBC Universal continues its battle with Apple, now saying it wants to sell its video content through iTunes once again, but only if Apple deploys technology to delete pirated music and video from user's iTunes collections.

NBC Universal chief digital officer George Kliavkoff told CNet: "We'd love to be on iTunes. It has a great customer experience. We'd love to figure out a way to distribute our content on iTunes."

The company made headlines last year when it abandoned iTunes in a well-publicised spat over pricing. Essentially the studio wanted to charge more for its content, and Apple wouldn't let them.,

Now the studio wants to make a return - it still wants higher charges on what it sells, but now also wants Apple to develop software to prevent users loading 'pirated' content onto their iPods.

Kliavkoff moans that any pirated content has to go through software such as iTunes in order to be placed on an iPod or other player, he rails: "We are financially harmed every day by piracy. It results in us not being able to invest as much money in the next generation of film and TV products."

With these complaints in mind it appears unlikely we'll see NBC Universal return to the iTunes Store any time soon.