NetSupport has announced that its classroom instruction and monitoring software is now available for the Mac OS and Linux platforms.

Previously only available for Windows, in the form of NetSupport School, NetSupport Assist lets teachers control ICT lessons from their terminals by providing them with a live thumbnail of each student's desktop.

The teacher can interact with individual students without disturbing the rest of the class, and take control of a student's terminal to put them on the right track. To ensure the resources being accessed by each student are appropriate, the teacher can switch to a view that details exactly which files, programs and websites are open.

A real-time presentation tool enable the teacher to show their screen to a group of students or an individual. It is also possible to poll students to check they understand the topic or to get feedback on lessons. It works over wired or wireless networks.

NetSupport's managing director, Al Kingsley, said: "NetSupport is delighted to be able to bring its skills in the classroom management arena to a Mac and Linux audience.

"Across our product range we recognise the need to develop our technology to ensure it remains relevant for today's modern learning environments and, with a growing number of educational establishments extending their IT infrastructure to include Mac and Linux computers and netbooks, we are certain that NetSupport Assist will be welcomed by customers whether they are familiar with the NetSupport brand or not," he continued.

You can download a 30-day trial version at the company's website.