Apple has been awarded a patent that could make it possible to skip adverts on the rumoured Apple Television set.

The patent describes a way for “seamless switching between radio and local media” and lets users switch between broadcast content and locally stored media when content that doesn’t interest them is playing. Surprisingly, commercials are listed as one of these types of content that can be replaced by stored media, reports Apple Insider.

Apple sees one application being when a user doesn’t like the song being played by a radio station.

Using the patented technology and other data, the device would be able to predict whether an “upcoming broadcast segment or media item is not of interest to the user” and automatically switch to on-device content.

Apple Insider suggests that the system is similar to Pandora, the user being able to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a song and have that information stores in their preference profile. Presumably the technology would also allow for more directed advertising, with a users preference and interests being taken into account when directing ads at them.

The patent describes a “relevance algorithm” to keep the stored content in line with what is being broadcast, so it is able to determine when the best time to switch back would be.

Business Insider suggests that the television could switch to short videos designed to kill time during a commercial break.

It is widely believed that Apple will launch a television, referred to as iTV in some circles, in an attempt to take over the TV market as it has the MP3 player, smartphone and tablet markets.

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