With iOS 6 expected to launch tomorrow we can expect to see some enhancements to iCloud and its associated apps.

Another new feature we can expect to see is a new Lost Mode in Find My iPhone. Lost Mode lets you lock any iOS 6 device remotely. It will also track the device and email you any location changes. You will also be able to see the locations your iOS device has visited on a map.

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We wonder how many vigilantes might get into trouble pursuing stolen iPads and iPhones. For example, one man who tracked down his stolen iPad using Find My iPhone and a GPS device was accused of unlawful amateur sleuthing.

We can also expect to see new iCloud features in the Notes and Reminders app that Apple launched on the Mac with Mountain Lion.

We’ll also see minor updates to Calendar and iCloud Mail, with Mail now supporting the VIP inboxes that launched with Mountain Lion, and Calendar losing its Reminders list, which is now given its own app.

iWork syncing appears to be unchanged, which Apple Insider notes as odd, given the prominence Google and Microsoft have given to their software strategy. Given the fact that Apple hasn’t updated the Mac versions of its iWork apps since 2009, they certainly appear to of limited interest to Apple.

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