Apple has launched new iPad and iPad mini adverts, while internal videos and guides are leaked online. Plus, the iPad helps a disabled man speak for the first time in 20 years, Apple Stores become popular target for 'smash and grab' crimes, and a new patent filing aims to put an end to blurry iPhone photographs.

Here's a round up of the remaining Apple stories for Monday 18February.

Apple launches new iPad ad campaign

Apple has launched a new advertising campaign for its iPad and iPad mini that highlights the 300,000 iPad native apps currently available in the iOS App Store.

Each ad in the billboard campaign focuses on a particular category or type of app. For example, the Music apps have the headline of "Ear opening," and educational apps have the headline "Elementary."

Each ad has the tagline "300,000 apps for everything you love."

Apple Insider notes that Apple's new campaign deviates from the tablet ads from competitors such as Samsung, who tend to focus on hardware rather than software, which Apple has a strong lead in.

Meanwhile, a new TV campaign for the iPad mini and full-size iPad features two new ads – called 'Alive' and 'Together' – which also show off the range of apps available, as well as the interactive books that users can purchase via the iBookstore.

You can watch the new ads here

Apple Stores becoming popular target for 'smash and grab' crimes

On Friday, a US Apple Store was broken into by a thief who stole around $64,000 worth of Apple products by smashing the door, which itself is valued at $100,000 with three large rocks, reports CBS.

In September last year, thieves crashed a car into an Apple retail Store in California, and the robbery was caught on camera. In Denver, which is also the location of Friday's break-in, a customer was the victim of a violent bag snatch outside an Apple Store, where he had just purchased an iPad.

It's not just Apple Stores that have seen break-ups in recent years. In August, a thief stole Macs, iPads, and a Sodastream from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' Palo Alto house.

Official guides and internal Apple videos leaked

Twitter user Sonny Dickson has posted several Apple training videos and internal documents on his website.

The videos and documents include a look at Apple's Authorized Service program, demonstrations of iPad 2 diagnostics software, repair guides and camera tests, as well as an iPhone Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide and the Apple Technician Guide for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

You can see all of the leaked documents and videos here.

iPad helps brain-damaged man communicate

A brain-damaged man from Barnsely has been able to communicate for the first time in 20 years thanks to an iPad.

The Mirror reports that 55-year-old Kevin Beverley, who was left with severe brain damage, broken bones, right side paralysis and became unable to speak, after being attacked in the early 1990s.

Now, Beverley uses an iPad to tell the staff at the Disabilities Trust run Carlton Centre about his likes and dislikes, and has allowed him to ask for a cup of tea. Beverley touches the reverent letters on the iPad's screen to form words, and wrote the message "It is so good to be able to speak again," on the tablet after his first day using it.

Beverley also uses his iPad to play games to help improve his hand-eye co-ordination.

"It's an amazing result," said a spokesperson from the Disabilities Trust. "Kevin had a voice to speak with. It is the first time he had been able to communicate with people in an effective manner for well over 20 years."

Apple patent covers anti-blur iPhone photos technology

A new Apple patent filing describes an invention that aims put an end to blurry iPhone photos.

The technology would continuously capture photographs until the user releases the shutter. Then, it selects the best photograph based on contrast, image resolution, dynamic range and colour rendering properties, reports Apple Insider.


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