Apple's introduction of the new iPad is expected to increase traffic on corporate campus networks, force IT to rethink access and security policies, and step up investments in mobility.

These are the findings of a study conducted by Brocade over the past week. Brocade surveyed 120 IT "decision makers" about the potential impact of today's rollout of the new iPad.

Many of the respondents expect the new iPad and other mobile devices - personal and professional -- to directly impact their campus networks. Forty percent of respondents indicated that employees use personal mobile devices to access corporate networks regardless of an official Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy.

More than 30% expect traffic on their networks to increase as a direct result of today's unveiling of the new iPad.

Sixty-five percent of survey respondents said they have invested in campus LANs since 2009 to address tablet and smartphone usage. And 60% said their organization relies on products from multiple vendors to support their infrastructure.

Brocade and competitor Extreme Networks this week unveiled products designed to address the BYOD and mobility phenomena.

Brocade conducted its study Feb. 28 - March 5, 2012.

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