The last time Apple updated the iPod touch was in July 2015 when it launched the sixth generation model. Since then the company has discontinued all the other iPods - as of July 2017. So will the iPod touch be next for the culled? Or will Apple update the iPod touch at last? We examine all the rumour auto the iPod touch 7 release date. Find out when, and if, a new iPod touch will be coming out.

As we know from the Mac mini and MacBook Air, being neglected for three to four years doesn’t mean that Apple will never update the device again. The company surprised us back in October 2018 by updating the mini and the Air - and impressive updates they were too.

But will the iPod touch be updated, or will the iPod touch be discontinued. We examine the evidence and it looks promising: even well-respected Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo thinks that Apple will update the iPod.

We have information about the entire iPod line up here.

New iPod touch release date

iPod touch 7 release date

Is iPod touch 7 coming out any time soon? It looks like it could be.

Apple has applied to extend the trademark for iPod touch to include “Hand-held units for playing electronic games; Handheld game consoles.” Since the iPod touch is already known to be a reasonable gaming device - due to it running iOS software - this does suggest that Apple is doing a bit of tidying up prior to launching an update, for which it sees gaming as more important.

That’s not the only indication that a new iPod touch could be in the works at Apple. Japanese website Macotakara reported in January 2019 that “several suppliers of Apple” say that: “Apple might be developing iPod touch (7th generation) that takes over iPod touch (6th generation).”

And now well-respected Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has stated in a research note that he believes that a new iPod touch with an upgrade processor will launch in 2019.

Ming Chi Kuo 2019 forecast

iPod touch 7 price

As of July 2017 (when Apple discontinued the other iPods) the iPod touch price dropped slightly.

Current prices are:

The new iPod touch is likely to cost the same or more than the current price.

However, in January 2019 Apple issued a profits warning after failing to sell as many iPhones as forecast. There have been suggestions that this is due to Apple pricing the 2018 iPhones too high for the average consumer. On that basis, perhaps introducing a new version of the iPod touch might appease this market. While the iPod touch won’t accept a SIM card, it can still join a WiFi network which gives it much of the functionality of the iPhone, including WiFi calling using FaceTime. It seems unlikely, but could an updated iPod touch be the low-cost iPhone we are all waiting for?

iPod touch 7 design

The new iPod touch could take on the same slim-bezelled, home button-lacking design of the 2018 iPhones.

The 6th generation model measures 58.6mm by 123.4mm, similar to the now discontinued iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone SE. Apple could slim down the device further while keeping the 4in display, or it could make a larger device more in line with the iPhone XR.

iPod touch colours

iPod touch 7 colours

The sixth generation iPod touch comes in pink, silver, space grey, gold, blue and (Product) Red.

We expect the new models to come in similar colours, but potentially we could see them mirror the iPhone XR, which comes in white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (Product) Red shades.

iPod touch 7 features and spec

If Apple does update the iPod touch what can we expect to see?

The iPod touch (6th generation) currently uses the A8 chip and M8 motion coprocessor found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It has a 8-megapixel rear camera with slo-mo and burst mode. And it offers 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 4.1. The top of the range model includes 128GB storage.

A new iPod touch is likely to take on the A12 Bionic chip found in the 2018 iPhone models. The camera could improve to 12-megapixels. We might see Bluetooth 5.0. NFC is another possibility, which could bring Apple Pay functionality.

We could see an 256GB storage option on the high-end.