Apple's range of new iPods are not included in the annual 'Back To School' money off promotion, which runs until Tuesday 7 September. The scheme offers those in education a rebate of up to £130 on an iPod when a qualifying MacBook or iMac is purchased.

But as one Macworld reader points out: "Having just spoken to the people at the Apple Store online, they've confirmed that the new iPods are not covered by Apple's 'Back To School' promotion. Apparently you can still find the old iPods somewhere on the online store (although I didn't see them) and order them as part of the promotion - but it's not at all obvious."

"On the front page of the site it now has a footnote saying in small letters 'iPod touch is 2nd generation', but if you go to order a computer, then click on 'I want to buy an iPod' you are presented with 3 (old style) iPod touches - 8, 32 and 64GB versions. The 32 and 64GB versions say '3rd generation' but there's nothing anywhere else to say if you're getting an new or old version (ie: no footnote on this page) and you'd have to be quite a spod to spot the difference anyway."

"Because the promotion says that you have to pay for the iPod first, then reclaim the money later, I suspect that there might be quite a lot of disgruntled students in a few weeks time, when they discover that they've bought an iPod they couldn't really afford and that they're not now going to get the money back for it."

Apple iPod nano

Those in education need to do the following to benefit from the scheme.

1. Shop for a Mac. Via the Apple Online Store for Education, Apple Retail Store, or call a Mac expert on 0800 072 1154 - lines close at 10 pm.
2. Buy an iPod touch. Purchase a Mac and iPod touch at the same time before  7 September, 2010, to qualify for a rebate of up to £130.
3.Submit your rebate claim - no later than 30 days after the end of the promotion.

Apple notes educational discounting applies to students, teachers, lecturers, administrators or other staff member in education. Customers need to prove they are connected to an University, or other Higher Education establishment, College, or other Further Education establishment, School or any other education establishment. Mac mini, Xserve, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, refurbished, used and demonstration products are not eligible for the promotion.

Full details of the scheme can be found at

Full Customer Terms and Conditions for the offer can be found at

Apple offers up to £130 on an iPod with Back-to-School scheme