A YouTube video has revealed an apparent glitch with the new MacBook Air from Apple.

YouTube user and MacBook Air owner 'angrychinesedriver' notes: "This is a BTO 11.6", 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD."

"I've had it since Thursday afternoon, and the only strenuous thing I've done on it so far is maybe a few hours of Counter-Strike:Source the night before this happened."

"The Air suddenly froze, cutting Bluetooth connection to my Magic Mouse (even after I restarted...I had to re-connect manually), and the screen started flickering like crazy. The only thing I was doing at the time was reading MacRumors forum threads and looking at MBA sleeves to buy - no YouTube or anything was open at the time. Only iTunes was open in the background."

"You can't see it well, but the flickering consisted of tiny green/red/maybe blue lines, kinda like when an old TV gets static. A forced shutdown with the power button seemed to resolve it; closing the lid to make it sleep failed."

Apple MacBook Air

As well as MacRumors forums, the problem has also resulted in a busy series of posts on the Apple Discussions boards under the heading: 'MacBook Air 11" Screen "Flicker" and Freeze.' 

Reporting the issue, Cult of Mac's David W. Martin notes: "I’ve also encountered a video problem on my 13-inch MacBook Air. I observed horizontal sparkling bands running up and down the screen, but the computer did not freeze. Subsequently after rebooting the problem hasn’t happened again."

Late last month, Apple released an 'About MacBook Air (Late 2010) Software Update 1.0.' According to the Mac maker, the update resolves an issue where a MacBook Air (Late 2010) computer may become unresponsive while playing back movie trailers in iMovie.

The update also addresses an issue where the computer may become unresponsive after waking from sleep when an external display is connected and also contains general graphics performance updates, Apple adds.

The MacBook Air video can be seen here and below.