Benchmark service Geekbench has reported somebody testing out a new type of MacBook Pro with a smaller 13in Retina Display screen.

The new device is identifed as a MacBook Pro 10,2 and it's benchmark results show a device somewhere between a the current 13in MacBook Pro model and the recently released 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display (click here for to read our review).

The new type of MacBook Pro borrows its styling and technology from the MacBook Air (included Flash storage and RAM welded into the device) which provides faster performance (but limits the internal upgradability). Of course, aside from the speed boost the real feature will the presence of a Retina Display with a pixel density higher than the human eye can distinguish between (according to Apple).

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MacBook Pro 13in next to 15in

How a 13in MacBook Pro Retina Display would look next to the current 15in model 

The new device posted a Geekbench score of 7806, between the average result of 5,000 that the current MacBook Pro 13in model typical gets, and the 11,000 that the new MacBook Pro 15in Retina Display model typical scores.

According to the Geekbench scorecard, the device has an Intel Core i7-3520M processor running at 2.90Ghz (2 cores and 4 threads) and the processor ID is GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 58 Steppint 9. It has 4MB of L3 Cache and had 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

MacBook Pro 13in Retina Display scorecard

A smaller size MacBook Pro with Retina Display is not a hard rumour to swallow, however, and it’s quite likely that Apple will want to expand the MacBook Pro range to include smaller models with the newer technology; presumably as it phases out the current range.

New devices being tested by Apple do occasionally turn up on benchmarking sites. Whether this Geekbench result is a genuine score, or an elaborate fake is impossible to tell.

But we do expect a MacBook Pro 13in Retina Display to arrive at some point soon. Tech site RedmondPie has mooted a possible release date of October, which seems a reasonable (finger pointing in the air date) to us.

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