Fli Tunes



This crazy contraption could come in handy as summer approaches. Ideal for trips to the beach or picnics in the park, Fli Tunes is an audio amplifier for your iPhone or iPod that also doubles as a Frisbee when flattened. As well as being waterproof, lightweight and wire-free, the Fli Tunes doesn’t require batteries in order to give your iPhone’s music a boost.

Verdict:Fli Tunes is a neat little gadget for holidaymakers and outdoor lovers. Just don’t forget to remove your iPhone before you throw it!

Griffin WoodTones Over-The-Ear Headphones



Available in beech, sapele and walnut, the Griffin WoodTones Headphones have noise-isolating over-ear pads that aim to ensure comfortable listening for long periods of time. The headphones come with a remote control and microphone on the detachable cable. For extra portability, the WoodTones have foldable earcups. 

Verdict: The Griffin WoodTones Headphones bring a touch of nature to audio technology. 




If your iPhone 5 runs out of power on a regular basis, you might benefit from a PowerSkin battery case, which offers up to 6.5 hours additional talk time, according to the company. The PowerSkin for iPhone 5 also doubles as a protective case, while only adding 8mm to the thickness of the device. LED indicators help you know when to charge the PowerSkin, and an included earphone extender means you can listen to music without removing the battery case.

Verdict: A great solution to keep your power-hungry iPhone 5 on the go as long as you. The ultra-angular design is a real bonus.

Crystal Acoustics i-40-EN 



The new Crystal Acoustics i-40-EN in-ear headphones aim to make good-quality audio affordable. At just £29, the i-40s are made from aluminium, and include a microphone and three-button remote on the anti-tangle flat cable. Crystal Acoustics provides three sizes of soft silicon ear tips and extra double- and triple-stage dip ear canal tips for added noise cancellation.
A carrying case is included.

Verdict: You get lots for your cash with the Crystal Acoustics i-40 in-ear headphones.

Epiphany onE Puck

From $150


Picture this: you’re in the pub and your iPhone’s battery is on its last legs. Enter the Epiphany onE Puck, which uses heat disparities, such as a hot or cold drink, a candle or ice, to charge an iPhone or other USB device. The onE Puck connects to your handset using its USB cable, and will charge it up when a mug of coffee, an icy glass of water, or in this case a cold pint of beer is placed on to its coaster-like surface. 

Verdict: Cool! Epiphany says the tech could power a household in the future