Previous leaks and rumours have suggested that Apple will be introducing an NFC chip in its iPhone 5, and the recent acquisition of Authentec by the company led to speculation about a built-in fingerprint scanner for the device. However, new photographs of alleged iPhone 5 parts have created doubt about those two features.

Sonny Dickson published the new photographs on Tuesday, showing closer detail of the metal casing that some thought would house a near-field communications chip that could work with Apple’s new Passbook app to create an e-wallet feature in the iPhone 5. The photos also reveal a more detailed look at the iPhone 5’s home button assembly.

It appears that the metal bracket that was suspected to be home to the NFC chip may simply hold the front-facing FaceTime camera, proximity sensor and earpiece speaker. 

“The latest leaked pictures appear to show that there is indeed no NFC chip or fingerprint scanner included in what appears to be the complete front assembly,” writes Dickson. “Apple may well be keeping these features under lock and key until their announcement on September 12th,” he says.

Dickson believes that using an NFC chip and a fingerprint scanner for added security would make “perfect sense” but “looking at Apple and their incremental iPhone updates it may be too big an update in too short an amount of time.”

So maybe we’ll see the introduction of such features in the seventh-generation iPhone (iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, new new iPhone?).

It is expected that Apple will launch the iPhone 5 at its 12 September event, which it sent out official invites for earlier this week.

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