Adfonic’s new SDK for iOS offers compatibility with alternatives to Apple’s the UDID device identification system that Apple is rumoured to be phasing out.

According to a press release announcing the new SDK, SDK Version 2.0 for iOS and Android offers support across a range of UDID replacement solutions. The company states that this means iOS developers can overcome the tracking challenges posed by Apple’s phasing out of the UDID approach.

Adfonic Chief Technology Officer Wes Biggs said: “With this release we’ve thought about how developers can tackle the dual challenges of UDID alternatives and increased eCPMs. It’s been our goal to simplify monetisation so developers can focus on their core business of innovation.”

By integrating the new SDK, developers can access a wide range of advanced mobile advertising campaigns including video and rich media, which can deliver significantly higher eCPMs for developers, claims the company.

The SDK is available here.

The recent rejection of several new apps using UDID data from the iTunes App Store has lead to concerns that Apple will block iOS apps that use UDID (unique device identifier data). A study by international smartphone ad server MoPub, claims that without access to UDID data, app developers will see a 24 per cent lower price per impression.