The latest iPhone 6 design concept making the rounds envisions the next Apple smartphone being capable of morphing into a phablet, then into a mini iPad tablet.

The concept, from Pritesh Chavan of Yanko Design, is aimed at putting the focus back on the user, not the device. According to Yanko Design: "For a twisted moment, the focus has shifted from the human experience to the gadget experience. The disconnect of emotions is creepy and alarming!"

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The latest scuttlebutt has Apple delivering an iPhone 5S later this year, with the blockbuster iPhone 6 coming next year. But who really knows, aside from Apple.

Most likely it won't look like Yanko's latest vision, but it's fun to look at anyway.

Yanko's concept shows the devices shifting from a 4.2-inch smartphone screen to a 5.8-inch phablet-like screen for chatting/making presentations, and then to a 7.5-inch iPad tablet form. All have 16:9 aspect rations.

The device's exterior would be made largely of one-atom thick graphene that's "100 times stronger than steel." Surround sound edge speakers would really let you blast the volume on the device. The 3-in-1 offering would have one dedicated camera.

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