Kindle owners tend to be wealthier and more educated than Apple iPad and iPhone owners, while iPads are attracting a largely young, male following.

These are among the findings by market watcher Nielsen, which revealed them at the Advertising Week conference in New York City this week.

Advertisers and publishers are starving for such data as they attempt to figure out just how valuable emerging platforms such as e-readers, tablet computers and smartphones can be for their content. It's already been a wild week in this market, with RIM introducing its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and rumoors circulating about Amazon going beyond the Kindle e-reader to get into the Android tablet and app market fields.

"Publishers, media companies and application developers are eager to know whether they should optimize their content for particular devices. Advertisers want to understand how these devices might eventually fit into their overall marketing plans. Carriers want to know how to evolve their business models in a multi-connection world. And device manufacturers need to understand how consumers are using connected devices so they can improve their products, fine-tune their marketing and win the battle for market share,” according to Nielsen.

Amazon Kindle 3

Based on its Connected Devices Playbook (not to be confused with the new BlackBerry PlayBook!) surveys of more than 5,000 smart device owners, Nielsen found that 45 per cent of Kindle owners make more than $80,000 per year vs. 39 per cent of iPad owners and 37 per cent of iPhone owners (Kindles are selling on Amazon for between $139 and $379, while the iPad starts at $499 and the iPhone 4 at $199 in the US). Kindle owners also are more educated, with 27 per cent having Master's degrees or doctorates, according to Nielsen.

Of course iPad owners might get there some day, as Nielsen shows they tend to be younger, with 63 per cent of them being under the age of 35 vs. 47 per cent of Kindle owners falling into that age range. About 65 per cent of iPad owners are male. The only device included in the survey that showed as much as 50 per cent ownership by females was Acer's Aspire One netbook. 

When it comes to advertising receptivity among device owners, Nielsen found that iPad owners are most accommodating. Nearly 40 per cent of the 400 iPad owners surveyed said they find the ads new and interesting, and that's about double the percentage among other device owners. Close to half of iPad owners said they like ads with interactive features. Only 8 per cent of iPad owners said they have made a purchase via the tablet in response to advertising, but that's better than the 5 per cent who said they did from other connected devices.

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