Nintendo's portable glasses free 3D game console, the Nintendo 3DS went on sale in the US this weekend and droves of gamers braved the midnight cold for a launch event in New York City.

The 3DS costs $250 and lets users play 3D games and take and view 3D pictures without wearing glasses. At a Best Buy store in Manhattan, the first customer in line had been waiting for days.

Isaiah-Triforce Johnson - First in line in New York: "The strategy that I used to stay in line was much like that of the Nintendo Wii in 2006. I pretty much rotated with a friend who was second in line. We kind of took two or three hour breaks and we would go home, freshen up, got new clothes, came back out here. And we pretty much made it all the way to the end of the week and we're just glad that today is the final day and in a couple more hours we could get our Nintendo 3DS."

On launch day there were 18 games available and the company promises 30 by early June. One of the games available at launch, Steel Diver, lets players control a submarine using both on screen and motion sensitive controls to navigate underwater and destroy enemy ships.

More offerings are planned from Nintendo including the eShop that will allow users to access 3d movie trailers. There are also plans to offer free access to 10,000 AT&T wifi hotspots as well as the ability to stream Netflix movies for customers who pay for the service.