Apple CEO Tim Cook is no pushover. At a recent meeting between him and the CEO of Samsung there was no agreement in the patent dispute between the two companies and now trials are kicking off at the US International Trade Commission in Washington at which it is hoped that the global patent disputes will be resolved.

Cook met with Samsung CEO Choi Gee Sung in an attempt to resolve the 47 lawsuits between the two companies in nine other countries. The meeting was ordered by the federal judge presiding over the case, Lucy Koh.

The two CEOs met in San Francisco and engaged in two days of discussions about claims and counterclaims made in lawsuits filed in the United States in which each company maintains its intellectual property has been infringed by the other.

The first ITC trial is scheduled for today and will last until 6 June.

Apple sued Samsung in April last year for violations of a range of Apple patents and trademarks in Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. Samsung countersued on patent claims. In February this year, Apple filed another, separate suit against Samsung, this time on products released after the first suit was filed. The companies are engaged in a number of different lawsuits in multiple countries.