UK punters excited by the launch of iCloud, particularly iTunes in the Cloud, could have a wait before they get to use the service.

According to reports, negotiations about royalty payments to artists are only at a very early stage, with record labels not expecting the service to go live in the UK until at least the first quarter of 2012.

A spokesman for PRS in Music, formerly known as the Performing Rights Society, told the Daily Telegraph: "The licensing team at the PRS have started talks with Apple, but are a long way off from any deals being signed.

"It is very much the early stages of the negotiations and is similar to the launch of iTunes – which began in the US and took a while to roll out to other countries," he continued.

Digital music analyst Mark Mulligan, vice president and research director at Forrester Research, also named the first quarter of 2012 as the earliest possible release date. "These types of negotiations take a long time. For one thing the UK arms of all the major record labels are biding their time and waiting to see how the service affects download sales in the US before they sign up to anything."

First look: iTunes in the Cloud

iTunes in the Cloud will enable you to re-download any music you have purchased on iTunes to up to 10 devices and if you make new purchased from the iTunes Store an Automatic Downloads feature will enable you to share this with all your devices as well.