Numark will introduce its second-generation iDJ2 mixing desk for iPod users in the UK in late September, layering in a host of additional features in the new device.

iDJ2 lets iPod users mix tracks held on their music player. The solution also offers support for music held on USB flash cards and integrates a wide array of connectivity options to help DJ's integrate the device into existing club equipment.

The device is the only product on the market that's capable of seeing, playing and mixing any content held on your iPod, including DRM-carrying iTunes purchases.

Users will also be able to mix music held on their iPod with tracks from another USB device, or a different deck. Mixing gets a boost with the introduction of a key lock, which will help keep music keyed-up for mixing.

Video is also supported. A port on the back of the unit will stream video from an iPod to a DVD player, TV or video projector.

While the original iDJ offered support for two iPods, tracks from which could be mixed together, the latest iteration supports just one - but is capable of reading and mixing between all the tracks held on the device.

iDJ2's unique Crate feature allows easy organization of songs to be played and supports multiple file formats including MP3, WAV and AAC (unprotected). The iDJ2 also supports iPod docking and charging, to keep the music playing and the party going all night long.

The black iDJ2 also hosts a colour screen. This displays track information, including duration, within a double-framed window, so DJs can cue the next track up while one is playing.The device also lets DJs loop tracks.

Mid, treble, bass and gain controls feature, as do controls for pitch. It offers a balanced XLR connections and stereo RCA output. The iDJ2 comes complete with line inputs for audio sources including a microphone, CD players and turntables.

UK pricing hasn't yet been announced, but the product's set to cost approximately $599 in the US.