iPhones will be sold unlocked in France while O2's "unlimited" data for the device in the UK is perhaps more limited than it should be.

For UK iPhone watchers, news of what exactly O2 meant when it promised iPhone users "unlimited" data as part of their subscription has been of great interest.

This morning it emerged that O2 believes 200MB is sufficient as a monthly data allowance.

When the iPhone/O2 deal was announced in the UK, the mobile network said its fair use policy would allow for up to 1,400 web pages per day to be viewed. But its contractual terms allow for just 200MB of data per month, reports ZDNet.

That report points out that this data tariff is just 20 per cent of that offered by T-Mobile.

O2 this afternoon confirmed the 200MB per month data usage restriction to Macworld, and also let customers know that the iPhone usage agreement also restricts users to just 60-hours per month usage of the Cloud WiFi network.

Meanwhile Apple and Orange will be forced to sell an unlocked iPhone under French law, reports the International Herald Tribune.

French law forbids the exclusive sale of a mobile that is locked to a particular carrier, so the iPhone will be sold in unlocked form. Pricing for an unlocked iPhone hasn't yet been announced, but it's expected to go on sale in France when the locked model ships, on 29 November.