O2's new TU Go service allows users to make phone calls and send texts from their mobile number using any supported device, including Apple's iPad and iPod touch.

Available to O2's Pay Monthly customers, the free-to-download TU Go app means that users can make and receive calls, texts and voicemail from their existing O2 mobile number on almost any internet connected and microphone-equipped device.

O2 says that the TU Go app is available on Apple's iOS devices running iOS 5 and above, Android devices running Android 2.3.1 and above, and PCs running Windows 7 only.

The texts and calls made using the TU Go app come out of the customer's O2 bundle, and the person receiving the communication from you doesn't need to be using the TU Go service.

"Customers can now take their mobile number wherever they like, even away from their mobile," said O2's UK Marketing and Consumer Director Sally Cowdry. "TU Go lets you take a call on a tablet, pick up text messages on a PC and have conversations in places with WiFi coverage but no mobile signal. We're letting nothing stand between our customers and their number."

The service could also come in handy for communicating when the user's handset has run out of battery or has been accidentally left at home, allowing phone calls to be made and text messages to be sent as normal from other devices.

O2 says TU Go combines Voice over IP (VOIP) and its mobile network to allow customers to view their communication history across multiple devices. Customers can log in to the app on up to five devices simultaneously, and this doesn't need to include the O2 handset.

When a user receives a call, the TU Go app will ring across all the devices it is installed on (which could get rather noisy), and text messages will arrive on other devices just as they would on a phone, says O2.

Cowdry says that TU Go is still in its early stages, so we should expect to see further services added to the platform in the future. This could include OS X compatibility.

You can watch O2's TU Go video below:

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