Years of intense lobbying with almost dizzying degrees of bureaucracy have paid off - FM transmitters will finally be legal in the UK from 8 December.

Long-term iPod peripheral vendors, Belkin and Griffin Technology have both confirmed the news in the last few hours, and both have worked to achieve the change in law.

Special mention too to Griffin's UK distributor, AM Micro, which has been agitating strenuously to convince UK regulator, Ofcom, to legitimise sale and use of these devices.

FM transmitters let users broadcast music from their iPod on a low-strength, limited area signal, suitable for reception on a radio receiver. Car owners love them, as they let them listen to their music through their existing car stereo system.

At a European level, Belkin has been involved extensively with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ESTI) to develop the European standard for these devices.

In the UK, Griffin Technology and its UK distributor, AM Micro, have been campaigning to change the law since February 2003. MP Don Foster added his weight to the campaign in 2004.

AM Micro managing director, Steve Hawkins, said: "Both Ofcom and Don Foster MP have been tremendously supportive of the iTrip law change. It's a fact of life that the wheels of broadcasting law turn so slowly, but we are overjoyed that our efforts have finally borne fruit."

Consumers should note that FM transmitters that are legal to sell and use under the new law from 8 December must carry a CE mark, indicating they comply with the new standard.

All the products that Belkin have released to the UK market are CE marked which ensures that these products are optimal for use in Europe and meet the standard.