Plenty of UK consumers still plan to buy the iPhone 4S, even though it isn't the iPhone 5, according to a survey.

InMobi, which put out a survey last week gauging buying intentions for potential iPhone 5 customers on both sides of the Atlantic, was wise enough to ask those same people what they'd do if it turned out only to be an upgrade of the iPhone 4.

More than one in 10 said that they'd still be interested, though this figure was down from four in 10 who had said they would buy an all-new iPhone 5. Interestingly, one in five BlackBerry users said that they'd switch to an iPhone 4S.

James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing for InMobi said: "Ahead of yesterday’s Apple event, we wanted to ascertain consumer take-up of an iPhone 5 versus an iPhone 4 update. We found that more than one in ten current mobile users were likely to purchase an iPhone 4S, with a quarter of iPad users saying that they would do so, and nearly one in five BlackBerry users.

"We anticipate that Android and RIM will lose market share, but at a much slower rate than they would have experienced should iPhone 5 have been announced. Over the last quarter, we’ve seen Apple lead the market in terms of mobile advertising impressions and we anticipate that yesterday's event will continue that trend."

What we'd be interested to see is a survey of buying intentions now that the full spec of the iPhone 4S is known. Though some may have hoped for a new look to the device, there is plenty of new hardware and new features and functions that look interesting.

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